GPD Team

Douglas Tannehill

With more than 30 years of experience in the Produce business in South Florida, Doug opened GPS with the knowledge of what it takes to develop and run a business exporting Produce and proofread my essay providing Consolidation Services to customers throughout the Caribbean and Central America.

Eslinda Sanchez

Eslinda has been with GPS since its inception. Her background in Banking, Customer Service and Administration made her a perfect fit for the team. She manages the booking and spotting of the containers as well as coordinating air freight shipments. She is also the customer service point person for a number of our top customers.


Blanca Cavazos

Blanca joined our team shortly after we opened. Having worked in Administrative roles with small companies, she wanted to grow her knowledge and experience into a broader role with a growing company. Although her initial role was administrative, she has developed as our buyer for a number of categories including Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Packaged Salads, Bolthouse Juices, Sodas and our new Melissa’s line.


Karl Toner

Karl came to GPS in early 2012, just a few months after we opened. Karl brings a background in managing Food Service outlets including Outback Steakhouse, Kenny Rogers and Bennigans Tavern… He also came to us with some produce experience having worked for a local distributor here in Miami. Karl manages the purchase of regional specialty items, Latin Vegetables and many of the Tropical Fruits common in South Florida.  

Adriana Padron

Adriana Padron

Adriana’s experience was a natural fit for us. She had experience in billing and administration and had run her own small business in the floral industry. She came in already understanding the fast paced environment dealing with Perishable products. Adriana is an account point person and handles booking, billing and Phytosanitary Certificates required by many of our customers.


Kevin Brass

Kevin has been with GPS since its inception. With a background in accounting and a freelancer for small businesses, Kevin was just the guy we needed to organize and manage the bills and collections from our start up. Although he started with us only working a couple days a week helping us as needed, we are very happy to have been able to land Kevin as a full time member of our team managing the finances.


Brian Lake

Brian joined our team in August of 2013. With a background in Food Service, purchasing and sales, Brian has added an entrepreneurial perspective to our team. Brian purchases a number of categories including Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruit, Tangerines, Tomatoes, Hot House items, Colored Peppers, Eggs and Nuts. Always pressing for the best deal for our customers, Brian has continued to help us develop our Shipper base.  


Todd Woodward

Todd joined the GPS team in February of 2014. He has a background in Warehousing, Logistics and Perishables. Todd’s entrepreneurial spirit made him a natural fit as our Facilities Coordinator addressing a critical need for helping us keep our operation running at a high level of efficiency.


Luz Rey

Luz joined our team in July of 2014. With a background in administration and logistics, Luz was selected by thesis writer our team from a large pool of applicants. In her short tenure here, she has demonstrated the qualities that we were looking for of dedication, a positive attitude and a commitment to getting things done the right way.

Parker Tannehill

After graduating from Florida State University, Parker joined the GPS team in November of 2014. Jumping in to the produce business, Parker has learned quickly and is helping with many of the special requests from our customers along with buying Apples, Pears and many of the Eastern Vegetable items.


Lishka Hosein

Lishka joined the GPS team in October of 2014. She always brings a positive, “can do” attitude and is always looking for a challenge! With a background in retail and customer service, she fit right in with our Administration team and has been a big help with the growth we have been experiencing.